Land Freight

In the Middle East region, a full range of inter-mode options are available, along with brokerage services, domestic and international trucking services, and other possibilities. We provide a secure, affordable, and easy way of transportation for your goods through our Land freight solutions. Our comprehensive Land freight service operates on a global basis with a multi-linguist staff of specialists specifically trained in managing overland operations, including customs procedures, warehousing, and general trading.

Air Freight

Your goods will be shipped on time, unharmed, and hassle-free, thanks to our exceptional partners in many major cities across the world who offer cheap pricing, reliable service, time efficiency, and issue solutions. We offer a complete range of air and expedited products worldwide. This comprises:
* Services for on-board couriers
* DG goods
* Frozen goods and perishables
* Confidential documents

Sea Freight

One of the essential components of multimodal transportation is sea freight. We have a marine freight department with expertise in managing all types of cargo and FCL/LCL shipments in order to provide the best possible services. Any nation will handle FCL and LCL cargoes with options for time-definite delivery. Our global logistics network includes both door-to-door transportation from point of origin to point of destination and shipments from port to port.


Aim Logistics chooses the shipping method and creates bills, invoices, CoO and other shipping documentation. Pack the items that will be transported, putting them together in shipment boxes and containers, making identifying labels and instructions, monitoring the loading and unloading of cargo from vehicles, etc.

General Trading

The importing, selling, and trading of a broad range of goods and merchandise encompasses the trading of the majority of tangible products, such as clothing, toys, electronics, furniture, and different commodities.